Nebraska Injury Lawyer Talks About Insurance Requirements on Your Car

What is ‘Liability Insurance’?
Why do you need Liability Insurance?
What dollar amount in liability insurance does a Nebraska injury lawyer recommend you carry?
What dollar amount does Nebraska law require you carry?
How much money does it cost for a Nebraska Injury Lawyer to represent you after your auto accident?
Are there any initial fees?
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You’ve just gotten a car, or have switched insurance companies and wish that you could have a Nebraska injury lawyer tell you how much insurance coverage you really need

How much Insurance do you need on your car when driving in Nebraska? You’ve been wondering this for a while. Well it’s your lucky day. Herb Friedman is a Nebraska injury lawyer who’s been at it for decades.

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Nebraska law and the law in most states, requires a minimum amount of liability insurance before a car can be licensed. In Nebraska, that minimum amount if $25,000. Liability insurance is insurance that pays a third party for injuries caused by your own personal negligence.

Nebraska Injury Lawyer says: WATCH OUT when buying inadequate liability insurance – buy MORE than the law requires

We think that 25K is too low. We think you should have at least $250,000 coverage for your own protections. Medical bills can mount up even on very small claims. We have seen many of our clients forced into bankruptcy because they didn’t carry adequate liability insurance.

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