The drivers of semi-trucks can easily forget how massive they are in comparison to other vehicles on the road. This can often lead to very dangerous situations for the drivers of these trucks, as well as other vehicles. Those involved in accidents with semi-trucks can often be left with serious injuries, or can even be killed. Unfortunately, in one 18-wheeler accident recently, a Nebraska woman was killed and another person was injured.

The accident occurred on Oct. 16. A passenger vehicle was forced into the median of the road by a semi-truck, who was trying to overtake the lane they were occupying. The car then veered onto the opposite side of the road and was struck by another semi. This collision caused the serious accident that injured one and killed another.

The victim who was injured in the accident was transported to a nearby hospital by ambulance, with serious injuries reported. The accident closed the westbound lanes of I-85 for several hours to allow the proper procedures to be executed. The incident is still under investigation by the local police, as well as the Nebraska State Patrol.

Once investigations of the accident are complete, the families of the deceased victim, and the injured victim, may wish to seek financial reimbursement from responsible parties in this 18-wheeler accident in Nebraska. If damages are awarded to the family members, they could be used to pay for medical bills, or for the final expenses of the deceased victim. This could help relieve the stress that has been put on these individuals, and allow them to process this horrific incident.

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