Many individuals in Nebraska are involved in accidents every week, and some of these individuals unfortunately do not have health insurance. It does not matter if the collision is a car accident, truck accident or involves some other type of motor vehicle: not having insurance could be detrimental. If these people are injured in an accident or injure someone else this money could have to come out of their pocket, which they often do not have. Fortunately, a federal program is helping uninsured Nebraska residents choose an insurance company that will work for them.

The federal government recently passed the Affordable Care Act, which is now helping set up these types of programs across the United States. This act recently paid for the training of 60 individuals in Nebraska, so they can efficiently navigate the federal website and help clients find the best private insurance company for any given situation. Nebraska officials are hopeful that this will help encourage more residents to pay for health insurance.

Representatives of the program stated that it is not just for low income individuals. This program is designed for those that do not have insurance through the company that they work for. Those that will not need to use the program include those on Medicare, Medicaid or residents who already receive acceptable insurance through an employer.

Hopefully this program will connect many uninsured Nebraska residents with an insurance company that can help. As a result, more individuals who are involved in an accident with a commercial truck, car, or other vehicle that injures them will have coverage. Even still, insurance alone can sometimes not provide adequate compensation for victims; in such instances, it may be beneficial for such individuals to also consider filing a civil suit against the driver responsible for an accident.

Source:, Agencies get ready to help Nebraskans find health insurance, Nancy Hicks, Sept. 19, 2013