Construction crews can sometimes be put into very dangerous situations when their job site is located next to a road. The negligence of drivers can often lead to the injury of these workers, and even missed work for them. Luckily, many of these people have the ability to receive workers’ compensation if and when they are injured on the job, which can supplement their income while they are out of work.

A Nebraska construction worker was recently hurt when he was hit by an apparently negligent driver. The accident occurred on Oct. 2 when a woman’s vehicle struck the man as he was directing traffic around the construction site. After hitting him, she then crashed her vehicle into a street roller that was being operated by another man on the construction site.

The driver of the street roller declined medical assistance, as did the woman driving the car. The man that was originally struck, however, was taken to the hospital with serious injuries. The woman was issued a citation for reckless driving.

If the Nebraska man incurs medical bills or misses time from work, he could receive workers’ compensation benefits because he was injured on the job. This could help supplement his income while he is out of work and focusing on his recovery. Hospital bills can pile up if one does not receive some sort of financial restitution while unable to work, and paying these bills off may become more difficult as time goes by. Workers’ compensation could allow the man to handle these bills and also be able to support himself and his family while he is healing.

Source:, Construction worker hurt in Cass County car accident, Brent Hardin, Oct. 3, 2013