Texting and driving is an increasingly common cause of car accidents in Nebraska and elsewhere. These accidents could often be prevented if the person just waited until they had arrived at their destination before sending or reading a text message. Many companies and organizations are trying to spread the word and publicize this problem that causes so many unnecessary injuries each year. From billboards to advertisements on television, this issue is at the forefront of public attention. A telephone company recently had a short movie made on the topic.

AT&T recently asked a famous film director, Werner Herzog, to direct a film on texting and driving. The film was intended to play on the emotions of audiences and make the audience feel a personal connection to each of the victims. The viewpoints of both the victims and those that caused the accidents are portrayed. Herzog focuses on the story of an Amish family that was killed by a man who was texting his wife at the time of the accident.

Four accidents are covered in the film. Some were fatal crashes, while others the victims were left with injuries. Focusing on the Amish family allowed Herzog — a noted German filmmaker — to demonstrate how society has changed from when everyone lived like the Amish to modern society, where automobiles and cell phones are almost necessary.

Hopefully, the efforts of both AT&T and Herzog will increase awareness of texting and driving and decrease the number of injuries caused in this manner. Nebraska will hopefully be a safer place as drivers become more aware of the potential dangers. Unfortunately, there will still be accidents based on negligence, and victims and their families will still have access to our civil court system to pursue efforts for reimbursement of the financial damages these types of tragedies typically produce.

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