Most Nebraska readers remember the day that a pilot safely landed his plane in the Hudson River. The sound recording between him and the air traffic control tower quickly went viral because of his calm and collected tone, and many considered him a national hero. However, after the media moved on to another story not much was heard about the steely pilot. Now, however, he is fighting an even bigger threat that could be a cause for the wrongful death for hundreds of innocent victims.

Captain Chesley Sullenberger says that medical errors take more lives currently than should ever be acceptable. Some studies show that as many as 200,000 people died last year because of medical error. Sullenberger notes that would be like 20 commercial jets crashing, and if this occurred, the FAA would have all the airports shut down. Accordingly, he argues, why is it acceptable when these deaths are caused by medical errors that could be prevented?

This pilot is traveling across the nation trying to bring attention to the issue. He does this through speeches and talking to politicians. His plan calls for a checklist similar to what a pilot uses to try and reduce the number of mistakes.

Sullenberger recommended that anyone wanting to join his cause do so through increasing public awareness of this issue and the presentation of statistics on the deaths caused by medical errors. Though he is working diligently to help raise awareness and hopefully decrease the number deaths, he remains frustrated by the slow pace and little headway he feels he has made. Hopefully this American pilot can reduce the number of medical errors and reduce a cause of wrongful death that cripples families every year in Nebraska and throughout the United States.

Source:, ???Miracle??? pilot on mission against medical errors, Kyle Cheney, Aug. 1. 2013