Collisions are frightening events for anyone to be a part of. When the vehicles involved in the accident are similar in size, the risk of injuries is possibly much less than when a crash occurs between two vehicles of varying size, such as a truck and a motorcycle. When a truck accident like this occurs, the results are all too often devastating. Being a patient and observant driver can help lessen the chance of an accident occurring.

A Nebraska woman was killed in a tragic accident involving a motorcycle and an ice truck. The driver of the truck was waiting for a car to pass in order to make a left turn. After the oncoming car had passed, the truck turned but did not see the oncoming motorcycle that had been traveling behind the other car. The motorcycle collided with the truck, and the woman on the motorcycle died from injuries she sustained in the accident.

Nebraska state police are continuing to investigate the accident. At this time there were no reports as to whether the driver of the ice truck could be facing any immediate charges. As the event is examined more closely and conclusions are drawn, authorities will determine what — if any — charges need to be filed relating to the accident.

A truck accident is one that most drivers hope to never find themselves in. As this accident shows, the results can be difficult to accept. The family of the deceased victim must now continue their lives without their loved one. They may face many hardships as a result of the accident, and they may find filing a wrongful death claim beneficial in seeking compensation for their pain and suffer as well as other damages permitted under Nebraska law.

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