Nebraska consumers may be interested in a recent report by the poplar Consumer Reports website that states that Raven MPV-710 lawn tractors may be the subject of a recall pending discussions with the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC). According to the report, the tractors have dangerous design flaws that could pose a dangerous risk to consumers. The company that manufactures the tractors has not elaborated on their discussions or the status of any pending recall.

The tractor is a hybrid run off a 7,100-watt generator, which promised great things for sustainable shoppers. The tractors were reportedly sold exclusively at Lowe’s retail locations. The manufacturer, Denver Global Products, reportedly announced recently that a defect was allowing the mowing blade to continue spinning after the tractor had been powered down. There were also reports of problems with the ignition switch.

Other unconfirmed reports state that the tractor has acceleration and battery issues as well. While a recall has not been announced, consumers may benefit from being aware of the dangers of the product. Defective products or those with dangerous design flaws can leave consumers in a financial lurch or even physically injured.

Though this report does not detail whether anyone has been injured due to the mower blade issue on these tractors, the fact remains that the danger is real. Consumers in Nebraska who have purchased this product may want to consider returning it or speaking with the manufacturer. Should any injury occur from this, or any other dangerous product, seeking appropriate medical and legal counsel is crucial to ensure that consumers are protected.

Source:, “Speedy Raven tractor grounded again, perhaps for the season,” Ed Perratore, June 4, 2013