Farmers driving tractors along Nebraska roads are a common sight for many motorists. Unfortunately, there are times when these slow moving vehicles become involved in a fatal accident. Other vehicles traveling faster than them may not see the tractor in time to avoid a collision from occurring.

A man was recently killed when the tractor he was driving was hit from behind by a car. The tractor was driving east on Highway 70 when a car operated by a 25-year-old man rear-ended the tractor. The 58-year-old man driving the tractor was pronounced dead at the scene.

Meanwhile, the driver of the car was taken to an area hospital. He was being treated for injuries that were not considered to be life threatening. Police have stated that they are continuing to investigate the accident, and it is unclear when they will issue their final report.

There appears to still be many tasks to be completed before Nebraska investigators can determine what exactly caused this fatal accident to transpire. Nevertheless, those drivers that strike another vehicle from behind are typically held responsible for following too closely. However, the family of the deceased man may not need to wait until law enforcement issues their final report, as they have the right to file a wrongful death action if they believe they have enough evidence to support such a claim of negligence. A successfully navigated claim may allow the family to receive compensation for their tragic loss and may be able to assist them in honoring their lost loved one in the proper manner.

Source: Sandhills Express, “Fatal Tractor Accident,” May 1, 2013