Every time an individual operates a motor vehicle in Nebraska, they owe a duty of reasonable care to others in or near the roadway. That duty extends to the driver’s own passengers, who have the expectation of arriving at their destination safely. That duty applies to motorcyclists as well, and they are required to operate their bikes in conformity with our laws and the rules of the road. A one vehicle wreck happened in Lincoln recently, injuring both the driver and passenger.

The motorcycle crash occurred at nearly 2 a.m. on Cornhusker Highway on the last Sunday in May. Initial details of the accident were sketchy, though local law enforcement indicated that alcohol was not suspected as a factor. They also do not suspect that excessive speed was involved, instead suggesting that sand on the roadway contributed to the incident. It was noted that the driver lost control of her bike as she attempted to negotiate a turn onto the eastbound lanes of the Highway.

The driver was apparently seriously injured and transported to a hospital. The specific nature of her injuries and her updated medical condition were not reported. A female passenger was initially thought to have suffered life threatening injuries after she reportedly struck her head in the collision. Nevertheless, her medical condition was later reported as stable, and she is now expected to survive her injuries.

As the investigation into this single vehicle motorcycle wreck continues, the first thought is for the full recovery of both accident victims. The passenger and her family will surely be interested in the results of the official inquiry. Hospital and medical costs have a way of escalating rapidly, and it is as yet unclear what time frame may be involved in the woman’s recovery. If the evidence that is gathered indicates the cyclist was negligent in causing the accident and injuries that followed, the passenger may elect to pursue a personal injury claim in Nebraska civil court to seek recovery of the financial damages engendered by the frightening crash.

Source: 1011now.com, “Woman Injured in Motorcycle Crash,” May 26, 2013