Last month, we discussed the problems that many women in Nebraska and beyond have experienced after having transvaginal mesh products implanted. Thousands of women have sued the manufacturers of the product. Recently, a jury awarded one woman more than $11 million.

Johnson & Johnson was involved in this recent lawsuit. The company began selling the Gynecare Prolift mesh product in 2005. However, they took it off the market just last year. Johnson & Johnson is facing close to 2,000 lawsuits for their vaginal mesh product.

The woman who filed the lawsuit against Johnson & Johnson is a 47-year-old former nurse. She had the vaginal mesh implanted. However, she experienced complications and underwent 18 additional surgeries to try to alleviate the pain she was experiencing. Her complications eventually led to her being fired from her job.

This is the second time a jury has sided with a patient in cases involving transvaginal mesh products.

The surgical mesh is intended to help women who experience pelvic organ prolapse. Use of the product, however, has led to bleeding, infection, pain and other complications in thousands of women. The Food and Drug Administration has recommended that doctors look at other alternatives to help women who are experiencing pelvic organ prolapse.

People trust that the products used in medical procedures are safe. However, that is not always the case, and a defective product can cause major complications and even death. Patients should know that they have legal options to consider. In some instances, a lawsuit against a negligent manufacturer may be appropriate.

Source: Philadelphia Inquirer, “Damages top $11M against J&J in vaginal-implant lawsuit,” David Sell, March 1, 2013