Car accidents happen frequently in Nebraska and beyond. Despite their frequency, car accidents can be life-changing experiences for some people. A serious car accident may leave some people with debilitating injuries. Sadly, many accidents prove to be fatal.

Recently, a 57-year-old woman was driving along a Nebraska highway when she was rear-ended by a vehicle being driven by a 27-year-old woman. The impact of the crash caused the 57-year-old’s Buick Skylark to spin in the other direction. Her vehicle was then hit by another car being driven by a 20-year-old woman.

The 57-year-old woman was taken to the hospital. However, she later died. Two children were reportedly in the woman’s car at the time of the accident. They were also taken to the hospital, but authorities have not released their conditions.

It is not clear what caused the initial crash. However, distracted driving is a serious problem in Nebraska and in other states across the country. Thousands of people die each year as a result of distracted driving. Sadly, these kinds of accidents are preventable.

People who get behind the wheel of a motor vehicle have a duty to drive responsibly. They must obey traffic laws, remain attentive and refrain from using drugs or alcohol before driving. When people drive recklessly, terrible tragedies can occur.

When Nebraska residents are injured by a negligent driver, they may pursue legal action. Compensation that is obtained can be used to cover medical expenses and to make up for any lost wages. Car accident victims should not have to face financial burdens. They should instead be focused on their recovery.

Source: The Lincoln Journal Star Online, “Homer woman dies after car hit twice,” Jan. 7, 2013