I’m Bob Moodie from Friedman Law Office in Lincoln, Nebraska. Thank you for visiting our blog. Many of our clients ask us about “subrogation claims” that are being made in their cases. A subrogation claim happens when somebody other than the defendant’s insurance company makes payments for things like medical bills in you case.

The cost of your medical treatment is a part of your case against the defendant but we can’t usually make them pay these expenses until the final settlement. This means that until your final settlement your bills for medical treatment are either going to remain unpaid or will be paid by some other source.

Sometimes your bills can be submitted to your health insurance. Sometimes they can be paid under your own car insurance. If you are covered by Medicare or Medicaid, they can be used to pay the bills.

When you settle the claim you have against the defendant the insurance company that paid the bills will usually want to get paid back. This is a subrogation claim.

Subrogation claims are repaid from the settlement

When dealing with these claims it is very important to make sure that the payment record is accurate and that insurance company making the claim has figured it correctly. Handling subrogation claims is something that an experienced personal injury lawyer can do to make sure that you keep as much of your settlement as possible. Sometimes we can even negotiate a reduction in the subrogation claim.

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