Sexually abused children, effects

I’m Herb Friedman of Friedman Law Offices in Lincoln, Nebraska. Children are the most vulnerable members of society. They are loving, want to please adults, and are often easily lead by adults. They are easy victims. Child sexual abuse is an ugly and unpleasant secret and only recently have cases involving this type of abuse come to the public view. We have a good deal of experience in area of the law. There are many questions that our clients frequently ask, concerning these very, very difficult cases.

Perhaps the most troublesome question is how does childhood sexual assault affect a child in future life. Each case is unique and there are not easy answers that fit all cases, but most mental health providers will agree that the closer the perpetrator is to the child, such as a relative or a teacher, and the longer the abuse lasts, the more serious the result can be in later life. Even if the child seems unaffected immediately after the abuse, the danger of serious physiological injury when the child reaches puberty and young adulthood is significant. Sexual dysfunction, substance abuse and attachment problems can occur much later in life. We have seen cases where a child abused in early childhood is scarred for life. If your child has been sexually abused or assaulted, you need to contact an experienced mental health care provider.

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