What about my medical malpractice case?

I’m Dan Friedman from Friedman Law Office in Lincoln, NE. Thanks for visiting our video blog and spending a few minutes with us.

We receive dozens of inquiries every month from people that think that they were injured due to negligence on the part of a doctor or other health care professional. Contrary to reports in the media, these cases are usually unsuccessful. Medical malpractice cases are hugely expensive, contentious, and time consuming. Most of these cases end in defeat for the injured person.

In order to prevail, one or more physicians that are experts in the field need to be consulted to review the medical records in order to determine if there was negligence. This initial review of the medical records costs several thousand dollars and there is no guarantee that the expert will conclude that there is negligence. If the expert concludes that there was some negligence that caused the injury, then there is usually a war between expert witnesses as the defense will hire teams of doctors to review the records and testify that there was no negligence. A victim in a medical malpractice case can spend tens of thousands of dollars on expert witness fees even before a case goes to trial. If you have questions, please call us at 800-876-1093. There is never a charge to find out if we can help you. Thanks for logging in.