Child Sexual Abuse Resource: Repressed Memory in Child Sexual Abuse Cases

I’m Herb Friedman of Friedman Law Offices in Lincoln, Nebraska. Many of our clients who were sexually abused as children do not recall the abuse until much later in adult life. This is often referred to as “repressed memory” or dissociative amnesia. Clients who have this condition are frequently abused as children by a close family member, close friend, or person in authority for a long period of time. The trauma is so significant that the memory is placed in a small corner of the mind and not recalled until later in life. When the memories begin to appear, oftentimes in the late-twenties or early- thirties, the individuals often begin to understand what has been happening in their all along. You need to know that mental health professionals are sharply divided as to whether there is such a thing as repressed memory.

Some psychologists and psychiatrists believe that there really is such a condition. Others believe to the contrary. Whether there is or is not repressed memory is very significant because it may have to do with whether statute of limitations in your case is still pending. You must remember that this is not an easy question, and there are no hard and fast answers. We have had a good deal of experience with repressed memory cases and will try to answer your questions.

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